Arcam CD5 CD-soitin

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Arcam CD5 CD-soittimessa hartaasti valitut komponentit ja materiaalit takaavat puhtaan äänenlaadun.



Quality + Simplicity = Accessible Hi-Fi

The ARCAM CD5 is for those intimate listening experiences with your favourite music on Compact Disc.

ARCAM has been a pioneer of Compact Disc playback since 1986.

The development and introduction of the Delta 70 CD player in 1986, our own ground up design. The experience of producing high quality digital audio products since then has been poured into the ARCAM CD5. New components and materials have been painstakingly analysed and reviewed to ensure brilliant sound quality.

Versatile and capable playback support.

Hi-res audio playback capability is included for FLAC and WAV encoded CD and USB files.

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