T+A Solitare P-SE Kuulokkeet

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T+A Solitaire P-SE -kuulokkeet ovat P-mallin erikoisversio, joka tuo lippulaivamallin parhaat puolet nyt edullisempaan hintaluokkaan. Entistäkin kevyempi komposiittinen runkorakenne ja reunoille asti yltävät TPM2500-kalvot tarjoavat hyvin balanssissa pysyvän kuuntelukokemuksen, joka on ihanteellinen myös studiokäytössä.

EISA Awards 2021-2022  – “Best Product HIGH-END HEADPHONES”



Design Philosophy

In every transducer – regardless of whether a loudspeaker or headphones – the diaphragm needs to be driven as evenly as possible. To a limited extent dynamic systems based on voice coils are partially successful in this, but planar systems – such as electrostatic or magnetostatic devices – are much more effective in this regard, since the driving force in both these processes is distributed over the whole of the diaphragm, rather than being localised at the coil position. In principle the actual transducer of our magnetostat consists of rod-shaped high-performance neodymium magnets of varying length, with an innovative pole geometry. These magnets are held in a precise, accurately manufactured mount which guarantees the positioning of the magnetic poles to an accuracy of a few hundredths of a millimetre. This design generates a totally linear magnetic field, in which the special ultra-lightweight diaphragm moves. The diaphragm itself is only a few µm thick, and consists of a structurally stable High-Tech polymer material; it also bears an array of very light conductors – also only µm thick – which are applied in a sophisticated, highly precise photo-chemical process. This unique technology ensures that the entire surface of the diaphragm is driven absolutely evenly, thereby eliminating the partial oscillations which are unavoidable with localised drive systems. The net result is a series of transducers with an enormously wide dynamic range, high peak sound pressures and extremely impressive linearity and freedom from distortion.
Our Solitaire P and Solitaire P-SE headphones are driven by our in house transducers TPM 3100 and TPM 2500, respectively. Both of which are manufactured in Herford, Germany.

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